What is the EPS Portal?

The EPS Portal is our interactive online learning environment that can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection

When you enroll in this e-learning program, we will provide you with an user name and password to access the Learning Portal at www.eeps.com.my
How do I access the EPS Portal?

To access the Learning Portal you will be required to :
  •  Log on to www.eeps.com.my
  •  Click on New Pupil Sign-Up
  •  Enter the information as required and submit the registration form
  •  You will be notified through email once your request has been accepted by Bar Council.
  •  You will be given user name and password.
  •  Please log on to the portal again and sign in using your new username and password
What will I find on the EPS Portal?

Through the EPS Portal you will now have access to a wide range of learning resources, experiences and tools, including:
  •  Information and materials relevant to the program you are enrolled in
  •  Ethics courseware modules
  •  Assessment questions for each module
  •  Tools for tracking your progress and access to your results
Benefits of the EPS Portal?

This portal is launched by Malaysian Bar Council to provide additional guidance and support to pupils in chambers who are preparing for the Bar Council's Professional Standards and Ethics Course examination:

  •  It is not designed to teach substantive law but to provide comprehensive information on current course syllabus
  •  Through this e-learning programme, it is hoped that pupils will become more aware of their ethical duties and    responsibilities and appreciate the rationale for the various rules and regulations which govern the legal profession.
What is the recommended system specification?

For better performance, we recommend the following system specifications:

  •  High Speed Internet Access - Broadband, Streamyx
  •  Internet Explorer 7
  •  Adobe Reader 8
  •  Flash Player 9
How do I get more information on the EPS Portal?

To obtain more information, fill free to contact us via Visitor Enquiry Form or email us at epsadmin@malaysianbar.org.my We will be happy to assist you, to help you with all your enquiries.
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